While I did always want to run away from chorus class {I lip-synced throughout middle school & being a goody two shoes still got me an A}, this isn’t about my lack of vocal talent {and yes you won’t actually hear the words coming out of my mouth during Happy Birthday}.

Remember how I mentioned my crying tight legs yesterday? Well you may have asked your self what caused my legs to act as if they’ve never been stretched in their life {I know I did}. You know, since I’m not actually running at this point.


I get 30 min of Elliptical. And since we’re trying to build my quads I realized a little resistance challenge would be beneficial over my standard beating the numbers game. So insert chorus challenge – during the chorus of a song I “sprint.” I know, I know, I’m not the first to come up with this idea, in fact I’ve seen it numerous times.

It worked. Sort of. Apparently my Rebecca Black tendencies go beyond just singing. I definitely didn’t always match up to the chorus but I didn’t care! I got the general idea & followed the pulse.

I didn’t focus on the numbers. Didn’t care if my calories burned beat yesterday’s or if I was boosting my dailymile log. It was a mix of letting go and pushing through. It was my first session where I felt “back in the game” – I felt strong.

How easy is it for you to let go of the numbers? What helps?


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