Gym etiquette: pet peeve #1

The one gym etiquette rule I am always amazed at people abusing is cell phone use.

I mean c’mon people! Common courtesy.

Tonight might have been the winner of all cell phone rudeness

{at least lets hope so}.

10 minutes into my Pilates class a girl came loudly into the class thumping two mats down, stashing her bag, pulling out her cell phone, walking out of the room to get towels, setting up her towels to finally jump into position. I think she made it 1/2 way through a set when she walked out leaving her stuff. A few moves later I hear a loud cell phone conversation and realize it’s the same girl talking outside the room {note: the class is at a gym ….with many corners or a locker room to duck into}. This went on for a while before she barged back into the class. Then she proceeded to look something up on her phone in between & during moves. {lucky me, she placed her mat right in front of mine}And then she left early! Out of an hour class she probably got 15 minutes in? Seriously, why bother at that point? Go do some exercises on the mat outside – don’t interrupt the class for everyone.



{ps my favorite show of all times growing up – totally a Michelle fan though}

What’s the rudest thing you’ve encountered during a class?Once when I was a senior in high school and taking a dance class at the gym an older woman asked if I could move to the back of the class because she liked to watch people who knew how to move. I stayed put.

Have you walked into a class late before?

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