Yoga #ftw

I saw that tweet at around 5pm …right when I was shifting into planning for the gym. The time when I do an after lunch blood test & access my plan & situation.

I was already struggling with overall motivation at that point, my head was in a fog, I felt puffy, cranky and nothing sounded better than to ignore everything around me. But I knew tonight was my favorite  yoga class…and it only comes once a week. Plus I knew that the hardest part is getting there and that you never regret a workout after it’s done.

That didn’t make the elliptical any easier. No matter what song was playing, what game I played, what intervals I created, I couldn’t amp myself up. So I compromised – I would just keep going on the elliptical at an easy pace and save it all for yoga.

Good thing I did. After some recent classes of feeling strong but not being able to keep my mind from wandering, I told my self that what ever my strength  & flexibility was, this class was all about letting go & giving it my all.

And boy did I. I don’t know how yoga teachers know in advance what I need but this class included all the things I was looking for – hip openers, arm strength, leg stretches. It was the first class in a while where I was able to silent my mind and focus on the practice. I worked up a sweat {again} and felt for that 60 minutes lifted from my fog.

Low Lunge - Yoga Journal

I love when a class delivers exactly what I need. Have I mentioned this is my favorite class?

Do you find that sometimes the instructor just knows what you need?

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