Monthly Archives: May 2011

Weekend of Fitness & Adventure


Sat: Revlon 5K walk in honor of a friends mom. This event is truly a memorial walk in which we relax, enjoy each other company and take a lot of pictures. For anyone that did run it – I give them a lot of credit because that is a lot of people to not trip over for less than 3.1 miles.

Sun: An exploratory run cheered on by  the 5 Boro Bike Tour {at least that’s how I saw it}.  Finally explored the East River path along the UES after always running downtown. Now I see why some people  always take pictures, I loved seeing the glistening water.


Sat: Artichoke pizza.  Yes, that counts as a calorific adventure. Plus it’s on the list.

Sun: Met friends at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Holy crowdedness! It was the 30th Annual Sakura Matsuri Cheerry Blossom Festival. Little did I know that would means tons of people and many of them dressed up. The group decided that next time we’re planning for a picnic for a less crowded time. 

Imagine the above crowd here

Oh and tonight? Neither Fitness or Adventure. Just leaving the office late and ending the night with  veggies & chocolate.