Just another 25-year-old girl adventuring through life in NYC trying to find a balance of fun, fitness and healthy choices. As a diabetic.

I’ve been a diabetic since I was 3 & 1/2. I was a children’s yoga instructor throughout college and played sports in high school. I’ve always been conscious of my health but it doesn’t mean I always made the right decisions.

Time to change things up. To  face new challenges {like races and fitness classes} while letting go of the old ones {like struggling relationships with food and  numbers}.

It’s not all about weight loss, though that’s on the list, it’s about becoming stronger, enacting on a healthy outlook on life and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone …..and learn how to do it all while having fun.

I call it how I see it, I’m honest and straightforward but a deep thinker. It’s not all cheerful self-motivation, I don’t dwell on the diabetes, but to be honest it’s a mind playing disease, ups & downs … I share them both.

I should note: I’m not a doctor, nor a nutritionist, any guidance is either from my own personal experience or will be credited for its source. Equally important – I’m not a writer, teacher or journalist, therefore, warning: my grammar & spelling may disappoint, hopefully my sarcasm  will not. Let’s not even get into my photography skills…Nope, here it’s just all about the sharing.


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