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Weekend of Fitness & Adventure


Sat: Revlon 5K walk in honor of a friends mom. This event is truly a memorial walk in which we relax, enjoy each other company and take a lot of pictures. For anyone that did run it – I give them a lot of credit because that is a lot of people to not trip over for less than 3.1 miles.

Sun: An exploratory run cheered on by  the 5 Boro Bike Tour {at least that’s how I saw it}.  Finally explored the East River path along the UES after always running downtown. Now I see why some people  always take pictures, I loved seeing the glistening water.


Sat: Artichoke pizza.  Yes, that counts as a calorific adventure. Plus it’s on the list.

Sun: Met friends at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Holy crowdedness! It was the 30th Annual Sakura Matsuri Cheerry Blossom Festival. Little did I know that would means tons of people and many of them dressed up. The group decided that next time we’re planning for a picnic for a less crowded time. 

Imagine the above crowd here

Oh and tonight? Neither Fitness or Adventure. Just leaving the office late and ending the night with  veggies & chocolate. 

Yoga #ftw

I saw that tweet at around 5pm …right when I was shifting into planning for the gym. The time when I do an after lunch blood test & access my plan & situation.

I was already struggling with overall motivation at that point, my head was in a fog, I felt puffy, cranky and nothing sounded better than to ignore everything around me. But I knew tonight was my favorite  yoga class…and it only comes once a week. Plus I knew that the hardest part is getting there and that you never regret a workout after it’s done.

That didn’t make the elliptical any easier. No matter what song was playing, what game I played, what intervals I created, I couldn’t amp myself up. So I compromised – I would just keep going on the elliptical at an easy pace and save it all for yoga.

Good thing I did. After some recent classes of feeling strong but not being able to keep my mind from wandering, I told my self that what ever my strength  & flexibility was, this class was all about letting go & giving it my all.

And boy did I. I don’t know how yoga teachers know in advance what I need but this class included all the things I was looking for – hip openers, arm strength, leg stretches. It was the first class in a while where I was able to silent my mind and focus on the practice. I worked up a sweat {again} and felt for that 60 minutes lifted from my fog.

Low Lunge - Yoga Journal

I love when a class delivers exactly what I need. Have I mentioned this is my favorite class?

Do you find that sometimes the instructor just knows what you need?

Workout in workwear

This just happened

click for workout from fitness

in this

Or something like it

Yep. For real.

I worked late & skipped the gym. I told myself that I could go through blogs & emails if I read standing while doing some arm moves. Well that routine happened to be sitting on my dresser

{I tend to be slightly addicted to collecting fitness plans ….and then ignoring them}

Not this time, I knocked out the whole routine. Read some articles, felt a burn, got my heart rate up…and all in a dress.

What, I hear hygiene is overrated in the fitness world. And it’s not like I didn’t sweat on my commute this morning. To make up for it, I’m going to go hop in the shower, but I’m not washing my hair …I hear that’s overrated too.

Have you worked out in “normal” clothes? Do you have cute gym clothes or do you go for the oversized t-shirt you still have from college?  

Slow & steady gets you running

Last Wednesday was my first time on the treadmill in…..forever. And the first time running since before the holidays {yes like December}. At my last weekly session my PT-ist released me to go tryout running. My bloodsugars weren’t prepped so I got a slow 20 minutes out of it but it was just testing the waters.

Tonight I went for a full 30. I may have only covered 2.70 miles in 35 minutes but never walked & pushed myself through it. My knees held up, it was my endurance that surprised me. No matter how much biking or ellipticalling I’ve done, running is a whole other area.

So while I was trudging along like this:

The guy next to me looked like this:

Seriously. At times he was supporting his upper body on the treadmill to make his feet weightless & fast.

So while the stats aren’t impressive on tonight’s run, it’s the start to a new beginning & getting back into running!

Have you tried Zumba? The class is right next to the cardio equipment & had me watching the whole time.

Gym etiquette: pet peeve #1

The one gym etiquette rule I am always amazed at people abusing is cell phone use.

I mean c’mon people! Common courtesy.

Tonight might have been the winner of all cell phone rudeness

{at least lets hope so}.

10 minutes into my Pilates class a girl came loudly into the class thumping two mats down, stashing her bag, pulling out her cell phone, walking out of the room to get towels, setting up her towels to finally jump into position. I think she made it 1/2 way through a set when she walked out leaving her stuff. A few moves later I hear a loud cell phone conversation and realize it’s the same girl talking outside the room {note: the class is at a gym ….with many corners or a locker room to duck into}. This went on for a while before she barged back into the class. Then she proceeded to look something up on her phone in between & during moves. {lucky me, she placed her mat right in front of mine}And then she left early! Out of an hour class she probably got 15 minutes in? Seriously, why bother at that point? Go do some exercises on the mat outside – don’t interrupt the class for everyone.



{ps my favorite show of all times growing up – totally a Michelle fan though}

What’s the rudest thing you’ve encountered during a class?Once when I was a senior in high school and taking a dance class at the gym an older woman asked if I could move to the back of the class because she liked to watch people who knew how to move. I stayed put.

Have you walked into a class late before?

no connection

My favorite part about Mondays? Besides that fresh start feeling?

My favorite yoga class!

I love this teacher’s mix of pushing me to my limit but reminding me what it’s all about.

Except for tonight. While I felt strong in each of my poses I didn’t feel the flow. We were 3/4 through the class and my mind had been outside the practice the entire time, when I realized why.  We never had that 2 minutes before poses  to come down on to our mat. Stepping outside of our crazy busy day and stepping in to our yoga practice. The lack of that one inspiring quote or that one reflection prevented me from embracing my practice. The music was too loud, I was paying attention to the people next to me, I was looking at the clock. It wasn’t so much about “quieting the mind” as it was being unable to focus on the mat.

What throws off your yoga practice?

Network #fail

I had the perfect opportunity.

An alumni was throwing a release party for his book that I had a chance to preview over the summer. His first book as part of his mentoring series. It was marketing, it was publishing, it was tech, all areas of great interest as I look to expand my career…..and it happened without me.


{it was either this or some random office holiday party...and that's just creepy}

I was terrified of walking into a bar alone. I have gotten over the fear of joining a new group or activity, something with a purpose. I’m ok with being the newbie in a fitness class, I’ve volunteered by myself. But when it comes to something so open it becomes more vulnerable.

I blamed it on a headache (to myself & tomorrow to my co-workers who saw me drag my feet), something that I rarely get and instantly become whiny over.

I’m mad at myself. I made this big fuss and it would have totally paid off once I walked through the door.

A part of the “adventure” aspect  of this new life motivation is about stepping out side of my comfort zone. Not just saying things but actually doing them. This did not happen tonight.

How do you handle facing a room full of strangers? What do you do for an icebreaker?