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Where it all began…..as a benchwarmer

It all started with intramural soccer in 5th grade. My bff was the only other girl on the team. When team sports opened up in 7th grade and soccer was first officially introduced, I jumped to join and continued straight through until I left for college. We were the underdog sport of the school, rarely winning games. I blame this on a rotation of new coaches each year.

Spring came and I was introduced to Lacrosse. The cool new sport made up of field hockey champs, tennis stars and soccer misfits. While the program started the same year, pushed by a leading coach we would  go on to win games and build a team. Fall of senior year I injured my MCL , not as hardcore as an ACL and no surgery required so I conditioned to join my Lacrosse team that spring for my final season. I made it half way through the season before re-injuring and unofficially becoming the scorekeeper/cheerleader/team mascot {as girl on crutches – try holding a lacrosse stick while on those}.

Now here’s the funny thing : from the start I was always a benchwarmer.

I was afraid of disappointing and gave it my best effort but I didn’t have the confidence to push myself. I had the get of jail free card of being able to go off to the side to do a blood test when I didn’t feel well….I probably would be doing a lot less blood tests these days.

It was my first session of PT that year that helped me listen to my body, discover its strengths and find my self motivation. It was my first round of gym sessions and pushing myself. One-on-one with the treadmill.

Picking up yoga that summer continued to teach me how to pay attention to my needs & strengths.

Picking up {my addiction to} health & fitness blogs refreshed this sense of motivation, challenge, inspiration and community. All things that became stagnant after college. It took personal stories, triumphs, lessons and following for me to realize that a 10k wasn’t just for the hardcore {dare I say – even 1/2 & full marathons became a realistic dream??}. That sometimes it’s ok to walk on a 3 mile run. Most importantly….sometimes you need to walk after those first 3 miles in order to complete the rest of your 10k. It’s not “all or nothing”. It’s “give it your all but nothing is more important than what your body is telling you.”

And with that, I’m jumping off the bench, I’m ready to get in the game.

What high school sports did you play? Were you a benchwarmer or a super star?