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IT’s tiiiight

So there’s a difference between rock hard muscles & rock tight muscles. Did you know that? Because apparently I didn’t – until yesterday.   Though my legs felt dense & solid and made me believe that they were just showing off as super strong, I realized that they were actually tight, very very tight. There’s a difference between sore muscles resulting from a good workout and muscles cranked tight like a wind up toy.

Needless to say, since no matter how many groupon or living social deals are offered, a massage is not part of the plan & my legs were crying for some attention. Even my hot date with the foam roller (that’s the cool way to spend Saturday night isn’t it?) wasn’t enough.

The Stick Travel Stick

And then I realized. I realized the lure of The Stick. To be honest, when I saw it mentioned on blogs I thought it sounded a little informational-y. Foam Roller vs. The Stick? Basically accomplishing the same goal right? Why would you need both? The Foam roller looked a lot more natural and versatile.  The Stick looked like it might sit in the bottom of a basket with my jump ropes {really? I thought I’d be jump roping in a NYC apartment?}.  Plus, at least $30 for something that looks like a child’s toy? Or a rolling pin? Eh…

I was wrong. I was so very wrong. I’m in love all over again. I’m cheating on my Foam Roller. FR {don’t think I can pull off  giving them names} will always be there for deeper support but TS is my spring fling. It doesn’t demand my full attention {wonder what the roommate is going to think as I walk around rolling TS all night}, can meet my needs any time {have I mentioned small NYC apartment?},  is willing to travel and helps losen me up. Plus it works wonders as a foot masseuse.

Now, I’m still trying to accept the costs of PT & fitness {yeah, no one really warns you that you’ll soon want to be shopping for new gear the same way you were looking for Friday night dresses and Saturday night heels, only you’ll find it much easier to justify the costs …like $25+ for foam}. So while I definitely tried to shop around for the best deal, I’m also learning that there’s some things worth investing in. As I sit here intermittently rolling & typing, I can tell you – so far it’s worth it. To go from legs that felt like the might snap from tension with a sudden move to be able to coax them into release …it’s worth it.

I have to give credit to Theodora & Tina, after seeing their devotion I headed over to google for a little research before crying uncle & ponying up for the purchase. While the FR really helps with my IT band issues, TS really helps target each part of my legs {yeah inner thighs & glutes – I’m looking at you}.

Now that the legs are a little looser it’s time to go attempt some yoga to really work this out.

What toys help you with injury treatment / prevention ?