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Workout in workwear

This just happened

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in this

Or something like it

Yep. For real.

I worked late & skipped the gym. I told myself that I could go through blogs & emails if I read standing while doing some arm moves. Well that routine happened to be sitting on my dresser

{I tend to be slightly addicted to collecting fitness plans ….and then ignoring them}

Not this time, I knocked out the whole routine. Read some articles, felt a burn, got my heart rate up…and all in a dress.

What, I hear hygiene is overrated in the fitness world. And it’s not like I didn’t sweat on my commute this morning. To make up for it, I’m going to go hop in the shower, but I’m not washing my hair …I hear that’s overrated too.

Have you worked out in “normal” clothes? Do you have cute gym clothes or do you go for the oversized t-shirt you still have from college?