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Network #fail

I had the perfect opportunity.

An alumni was throwing a release party for his book that I had a chance to preview over the summer. His first book as part of his mentoring series. It was marketing, it was publishing, it was tech, all areas of great interest as I look to expand my career…..and it happened without me.


{it was either this or some random office holiday party...and that's just creepy}

I was terrified of walking into a bar alone. I have gotten over the fear of joining a new group or activity, something with a purpose. I’m ok with being the newbie in a fitness class, I’ve volunteered by myself. But when it comes to something so open it becomes more vulnerable.

I blamed it on a headache (to myself & tomorrow to my co-workers who saw me drag my feet), something that I rarely get and instantly become whiny over.

I’m mad at myself. I made this big fuss and it would have totally paid off once I walked through the door.

A part of the “adventure” aspect  of this new life motivation is about stepping out side of my comfort zone. Not just saying things but actually doing them. This did not happen tonight.

How do you handle facing a room full of strangers? What do you do for an icebreaker?

Gyming Jamming

The gym was packed last night. I usually don’t get there until at least 7:30 but a PT session had me walking in an hour earlier. Whoa….so there’s one advantage to always working so late. The locker room was a crowded steamy mess. Even all the tables in PT were taken. When I walked back out on the floor the machines & weights were still bumping. Lots of people. I hopped on the Elliptical for some light cardio, testing out my knees. When time was up, I took one look at the crowded mats and headed home.

I do this often. I rock out on the cardio and then flat line once stretching is over. I’m terrible at strength training. I don’t follow plans and I lose all direction. I tell myself that I’ll go home and “finish” in my apartment – putting those weights to use and following magazine guides. Only I never do.

I come home. I sit down.  I’m done.

I can’t wait to start classes again, someone to push me.

{for the record – that’s what every wall squat feels like to me. so not a fan}

Do you follow a strength training plan? Do you ever promise yourself you “finish” part of a routine later …and then never do?

On the flip side {yeah I went there} I managed 4 different exercises while reading blogs tonight.. Whoohoo.  Already failed my 12am goal for bed, lets see if I can make 12:30