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Salad Monster

For the past 3 days I’ve had the same lunch : veggie brown rice sushi and pineapple. Weird? Maybe. But it works – I stay full longer, snack less & have figured out the perfect ratio of insulin for best blood sugars in a while.

I will become sick of this combo soon enough...I go through phrases.

Last phrase was a salad with newbie star : strawberries! Then all of a sudden it sounded like a dreadful idea. The thought of salad for lunch sounded like torture.

Until tonight. Stuck at the office I got to order in and I decided it was time to try a new salad place on my list. Now when people tell me they had a large salad I scoff. My regular small order puts theirs to shame (something about ordering out? restaurant portions?

{ Well except for maybe this one, I believe her.}

Tonight was the winner!

Holy salad!20110330-095354.jpg

Do you get salad burnout?

I usually keep my salads “dry”. Not only do I leave off the dressings during lunch but I stick with simple tastes like red peppers or edamame and carrots. I love fruit in my salad and mandarin oranges usually dress it up.

Tonight’s recovery ingredients were roasted Brussel sprouts {seriously, why do more places ┬ánot offer this??} & dried cranberries {Not sure how those got in there, try to leave them out for the sugar (rather it in M&Ms after) but tonight I went with it, sans guilt….and then had M&Ms …)

Side note: there’s been a major increase in discussion about being healthy in the office, especially in the guys.

What are your favorite salad mix-ins?