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Slow & steady gets you running

Last Wednesday was my first time on the treadmill in…..forever. And the first time running since before the holidays {yes like December}. At my last weekly session my PT-ist released me to go tryout running. My bloodsugars weren’t prepped so I got a slow 20 minutes out of it but it was just testing the waters.

Tonight I went for a full 30. I may have only covered 2.70 miles in 35 minutes but never walked & pushed myself through it. My knees held up, it was my endurance that surprised me. No matter how much biking or ellipticalling I’ve done, running is a whole other area.

So while I was trudging along like this:

The guy next to me looked like this:

Seriously. At times he was supporting his upper body on the treadmill to make his feet weightless & fast.

So while the stats aren’t impressive on tonight’s run, it’s the start to a new beginning & getting back into running!

Have you tried Zumba? The class is right next to the cardio equipment & had me watching the whole time.