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no connection

My favorite part about Mondays? Besides that fresh start feeling?

My favorite yoga class!

I love this teacher’s mix of pushing me to my limit but reminding me what it’s all about.

Except for tonight. While I felt strong in each of my poses I didn’t feel the flow. We were 3/4 through the class and my mind had been outside the practice the entire time, when I realized why.  We never had that 2 minutes before poses  to come down on to our mat. Stepping outside of our crazy busy day and stepping in to our yoga practice. The lack of that one inspiring quote or that one reflection prevented me from embracing my practice. The music was too loud, I was paying attention to the people next to me, I was looking at the clock. It wasn’t so much about “quieting the mind” as it was being unable to focus on the mat.

What throws off your yoga practice?