The List

Commonly referred to as the bucket listor for people nearing 30 “30 before 30” or even “25 before 25.” Well I don’t like any of those labels. But it’s essentially all the same, a list of items or even goals that we want to check off in a lifetime. In no particular order, big and small, this is my list…watch it grow…and  to see what gets crossed off.

1. Run a 10k
2. Get back into cardio kickboxing 
3. Run a 1/2 marathon
4. Run another 5k & PR 
5. Try a Core Fusion Class at Exhale Spa
6. Try a Spin class
7.  Take a Zumba class {yes I realize I’m late on this one}
8. Go Hiking
9. Try rock climbing
1. Go camping 
2. Visit Texas
3. Visit San Francisco
4. Visit Chicago
5. Return to Europe
6. Take a  photography class
1. Try a Green Monster Smoothie
2. Try OIAJ
3. Try Overnight Oats
4. Try a lychee
5. Try a Kumquat
6. Try Rhubarb
7. Try Artichokes
More to come…
What are somethings you want to experience? Could always use more ideas!

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